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Born in Romania 1965

Academic Education
1990 – BA Graduate , Department of Statistics, Haifa University
2000 – Master of Science in Information Systems, Graduate, Tel Aviv University

Group Exhibitions
2021              -  Israel: Nature & Landscapes, Grigore Antipa National Museum of  Natural History, Curator Jacob Shama

2021             –  Street Spirit ISRAEL, Andora - Largo Milano, Italy, Curator Batsceba Hardy, Italy

2020,2019   –  Jerusalem, Hadassah Ein Karem, curator: Varda Mayer
2019             –  „The Poetry of the Moment“ – A collection of photographs created in collaboration with 24 international photographers,
                          Galerie Aigner’s Art Zürich

2019             –  Ushpizin ART, Israel, Curator Rachel Ziv

2018-today –   Internet Galleries: Street Photography Vivian Maier Inspired, B&W Photo Space International Photography Group, Street Photography Passion, Progressive-Street - Internet Gallery, STREET in BW, FOTOREPORTAGE.IT, Photo Space - International Photography Group, Street photography Henri Cartier-Bresson inspired, Street Photography Artists

Magazines Publications
2021 – Street photography Artists
2020 – ProgressivE-zine
2020, 2018 - EYE-Photo Magazine Photo

2020-2021 – Viral Photography, COVID-19 documentary
2019 – Day on the streets of Jerusalem, curator: Kevin Unger

2021 – Viral Photography, by Bruno Lavi & Eli Atias

I fell in love with photography at the age of 50 and consider it as a great gift for me!
Photography for me is actually a multi-layered journey of material and human environmental discovery.
As with every journey, I enter into known or unknown areas, sometimes alone sometimes accompanied but always with the dream
of discovering something else in the realm of creativity.
Most of my work is about people and contact. In general, the humanistic ethos is at the center of my interest where the human
been with his attitudes, attributes, activities, or thoughts is always at the center.
The psychological, historical or geographical view of mankind inspires curiosity and interest in examining it in the purest way I would
like it to be reflected to everyone.


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